This forum is devoted to the discussion about the software DaDaBIK database front-end
the PHP Database application generator for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite; also available for Wordpress.

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Support Forum

Post here general support questions and bug reports.
In order to get support, you NEED to specify your environment in your message (DaDaBIK version, browser, operating system, DBMS (e.g. Mysql 5.1.47), Web server (e.g. Apache 2.2.16)).
If you have already installed DaDaBIK and your DaDaBIK version is >= 5 you can just go into the administration section of your installation, click on About/Check upgrade and paste in the support request the content of the page.
If you are reporting errors, please also include results after turning $debug_mode ON in config.php.
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You can't access this file directly

by rbonie
719 2 02/11/2004 01:53PM
Last Post by richard

friendly table names

by Guy
1,521 6 02/11/2004 01:53PM
Last Post by Eugenio


by Dan
6,331 20 02/11/2004 01:46PM
Last Post by Eugenio

Access rights

by Santosh Killedar
1,299 4 02/11/2004 01:40PM
Last Post by Eugenio

Search and Update Error

by Mark Henderson
1,061 3 01/28/2004 06:18AM
Last Post by Mark

Results Modification

by Andy
749 2 01/26/2004 06:10AM
Last Post by Ben Thorp

Improvements in sort feature.

by Harit Nanavati
734 2 01/15/2004 02:24PM
Last Post by Harit Nanavati

Email Contact

by BThapa
802 2 01/07/2004 08:57AM
Last Post by Ben Thorp

2004 missing from drop down

by Paul Gleave
1,062 3 01/07/2004 03:47AM
Last Post by Paul Gleave

Email Contact

by BThapa
557 1 01/06/2004 03:54PM
Last Post by BThapa

All or any required fields

by All or any required fields
1,524 5 01/05/2004 03:24AM
Last Post by Ben Thorp

Bigger insert fields

by Maasgod
1,194 4 12/16/2003 06:53AM
Last Post by Ben Thorp

DaDaBIK module for PhpNuke and PostNuke

by richard
586 1 12/13/2003 03:04PM
Last Post by richard

anyone gotten the phpnuke plugin to work?

by Vermyndax
1,346 4 12/12/2003 02:19PM
Last Post by gauz

records per page

by Scott
727 2 12/11/2003 12:45PM
Last Post by Mark

Display Date

by ron
1,166 3 12/03/2003 01:28PM
Last Post by ron

redirect after insert data

by nissim
1,037 3 11/24/2003 01:31AM
Last Post by nissim

stupid mistake

by Codfangler
740 2 11/13/2003 02:03AM
Last Post by codfangler

"too much text" error when updating/inserting a row

by Ray
1,100 2 11/13/2003 02:02AM
Last Post by Ray

Database empty?

by Gavin
736 2 10/27/2003 09:54PM
Last Post by Paul Sharpe


by jhernan
677 2 10/20/2003 09:08AM
Last Post by z

Descending order does not work

by manfred
773 2 10/20/2003 08:45AM
Last Post by z

Error on install - how to work around?

by Ed Cox
780 2 10/11/2003 06:53AM
Last Post by Ed Cox

DaDaBik and TikiWiki

by bitinia
535 1 10/11/2003 02:11AM
Last Post by bitinia

Update Problem V2.2.1 Beta

by John
1,114 4 09/29/2003 08:36AM
Last Post by JCL

Problems With Concatenated Keys

by JCL
779 2 09/26/2003 09:10AM
Last Post by JCL

Installation Errors

by Aqua
1,539 6 09/24/2003 02:02PM
Last Post by terence norman

Steps to change search operator language

528 1 09/18/2003 04:47AM
Last Post by

new to php/mysql - mysql_connect error

by sarah
967 3 09/13/2003 04:55PM
Last Post by shumail

Search Returns All Results...

by Jim
816 2 09/09/2003 01:49PM
Last Post by Jim